Then She Was Gone by Lisa Jewell

Book 10 of 2021 was Then She Was Gone by Lisa Jewell. Another physiological thriller and another solid 4.5 star book. I will say I wasn't a huge fan of parts of the narration on the audiobook but luckily it was only one character's voice and she was minimal.

I like to read others reviews before typing mine out to compare notes. I am noticing many are frustrated that they can see things coming even though they don't know how yet exactly. For me I feel like I have watched tons of TV crime shows and read plenty of books to make predictions of what's coming and as long as the author keeps me guessing and questioning my predictions I count it as a good thriller. This book had my changing my thoughts on who was involved and who did what until the very end.

I don't want to give away any spoilers but this been is heart-wrenching while being heart-warming, terrifying yet thought-provoking, with characters who possed strength and vulnerability.

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