It Ends with Us by Colleen Hoover

It Ends with Us by Colleen Hoover is a very raw and real story of love. The more CoHo books I read the more amazed I am at how seamlessly she creates these characters that are flawed and perfectly human all at the same time. How she infuses things from everyday life (Ellen for example) making the reader feel like they are right there with the characters knowing the exact time and place this is taking part. I don’t want to give too much of the story away but know it is a difficult read at times but it’s also triumphantly beautiful. It causes you to think, to value yourself and to know your own worth. And I loved that the authors note at the end of the book (don’t read before finishing the book) gave us a glimpse into her thoughts on this topic and book. I have the utmost respect for Colleen Hoover and will gladly read anything she rights or recommends.

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