Eclectic is Your Path to Being Authentic

Eclectic Highland Cow Pink Acrylic Painting

So, why eclectically you?

Many people feel that being eclectic is being weird or different. Or that an eclectic person just cannot decide on what to do, that one thing.

100% Not True!!

Being eclectic is a way of approaching projects, people, problems, situations, and feelings with an open mind, understanding that some questions or tasks have more than one right way. It’s not always a right or wrong situation, often it’s an A or B choice.

The dictionary defines eclectic as: deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources. The creative process is defined as: the way ideas, art, or creative thinking comes about.


In my mind that means the creative process and being eclectically you is the same thing. It's a way of taking all the influences from your life, hobbies, travels, and experiences and combining your favorite bits and pieces of them into your own authentic eclectic self and style.

Choose your path to becoming your

Authentic & Eclectic Self!

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