Are you struggling to find your artistic voice?
Or maybe your artistic style?  
Are you unsure of your favorite medium?
Or where you want to take your art and creativity?

Group of Colored Pencils

 That's where creative challenges can help

A creative challenge is a great way to spend a block of time dedicated to one way, one medium, one process, one object, whatever it may be, you're going to grow in your knowledge and understanding of it tremendously by the end of your challenge. Maybe it’s not your thing, or maybe you want to take certain elements of that and mix it in with other elements of styles that you've enjoyed in the past. By creating all kinds of different projects and creativity challenges, you're going to find your own mix of authenticity.

Do you already know your medium, but you still feel stuck or blocked?

Are you wondering if that creative challenge is quite enough accountability for you?

Then creative coaching is where you need to start which can be paired with a creative challenge for even faster growth.

Creative Coaching is the rapid success path to finding your authentic and eclectic self and living a fulfilled and creative life. If you are ready to do a deep dive and explore your soul desires. Let go of those worldly creative blockers. You deserve this!

How does a list of art prompts help you get to know yourself better?

Or grow in your artistic aesthetic?


They can’t really, sure repetition helps you be a better drawer, painter, doer but doesn’t really help you get to the heart of who you are. They won’t help you connect to the parts of you you’ve lost.

That’s why when I say creative challenges, I mean something more than just prompts.

My creative challenges are a little different than most you have seen or participated in before. My challenges are designed to get you into yourself to find those creative blocks or things in yourself that you're trying to develop, deal with, or let go of. Imagine them like a combination of art therapy and art prompts. They are uniquely yours; no two challengers will have a similar project or experience. That’s the beauty of these creative challenges, they accept you just as you are and will meet you there. Then hand in hand they will help you conquer your creative dreams one day at a time!


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August- The 100 Day Project Creative Challenge -Any medium

September- The Story of You -Visual Arts

Oct-Fall for Grannies- Crochet or Knit

2022 Creative Challenges

(all dates are subject to change)