Art Classes Matter | Creativity is Essential

We should all share and explore the joy that creating provides!

fun creative activities and crafts for kids in self-paced art and creativity classes

I offer project based creative classes, ensuring all learning styles can learn and thrive.

We learn art and creativity through doing. Putting drawing, painting, or crochet in the hands of the student improves retention. Plus, instills a love of learning.


I love my job and the benefits it brings my students. Did you know that taking creative classes like this help children (and enforces for adults):

  • visual analysis

  • aids in better focus and concentration

  • creative problem solving

  • improved mood and happiness

  • confidence

Art has always been important.

In our current world there is so much information coming at us. We are taking in so many different opinions all while trying to interpret our own. Leaving our thoughts and feelings muddled with the world's thoughts and feelings. Leaving us with less than our authentic feelings. Art and creative processes can help us cope, process, and know our true feelings. This is true for us and our children.


We need to create our own happiness and when at all possible, share that joy with others.

Learn more about the different classes I offer for kids and adults here or enroll today.


Learn more about how art and feelings in this blog post-How and Why You Should Create a Daily Creative Habit.

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