The 100 Day Project Creative Challenge
Sponsored by Eclectically Me Niki & Hosted by the Creative Chaos Community

What exactly is a 100 Day Challenge?

An awesome creative challenge to keep you accountable and growing in your creative process.

It's so motivating and inspiring when part of a group. We build each other up, challenge and encourage each other. The challenge is your own, your medium, your rules and can take as little as 10 minutes a day with the goal to slowly shift from consuming to creating.

~The challenge brainstorming process starts on August 1st

This puts us finishing up before the Thanksgiving in the US

~Challenge exercises to narrow down your project will take place Aug 1-7



~Day 1 of the challenge is Aug 8, 2022

~You can choose to post daily or weekly

Know yourself*

If you need accountability commit to posting daily

 $9.99 which includes free access to the

Kids 100 Day Challenge Community

Get the whole family in on the fun

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